Discover and leverage your energetic signature to create, build, and grow a legacy business that serves you while you serve your clients and students.  

Ready to maximize your gifts and your wisdom to build a legacy?

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How it works

During this 4 week mastermind, I will be using my Intuitive abilities and ACED Method Framework, we will deep dive into your client ascension. Mapping out and creating a system & funnel with a customized experience that will nurture, inspire, and educate your clients.  

What's in it for you?

You'll have a system specific to your business that allows you to be 90% hands free. A system that operates like a concierge to meet the needs of your clients while you focus on what matters to you most while earning residual income and being an industry innovator.


Inner Circle Members receive an extremely high level of service with consistent communication, transparency for expectations, & a walk through of how their systems operate upon completion.  

systems set up...

*Intuitive Guidance
*Systems Set Up w/Automation
*Create and Define your offer
*Branded SquareSpace or ShowIT Website design using my custom templates
*Site Optimization for brand awareness and discovery
*Seamless client Experience Automation
*Educational PDF for potential clients

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