Client Concierge System

so you've reached your desired level of success in the beauty industry, and it's everything you imagined it could be, except...

your waitlist is crazy long and you need a system to manage and market to your clients even when they aren't in your chair...

The value of the Client Concierge System is simple....

It serves independent beauty professionals like you who fear not being able to manage the success you’ve created for yourself. You desire a high level guest experience that can support the current and future creative vision for your business. However, you think that the traditional way of doing business will yield the results you’re looking for. 

But don't worry, I've got something for you!

before I get too chatty, let me show you something...

After working with me, beauty professionals are able to step away from the traditional way of managing guests, customer service, and admin tasks so they are able to focus on creating and innovating in other areas of their business.

Adding order and calm to what feels like confusion-

-Organizing your processes
-Deciding who you want to serve and how you want to spend your time
-Relieving the burden of feeling scattered 
-Knowing what's next for your creative focus


Earning passive income by providing guests with what they need beyond the chair

-Predict the needs of your guests as they journey through your business
-Higher retention
-Additional streams of income
-Increase your bottom line without being salesy

Working 3 days a week without spending your off days doing admin tasks

-Redirect your creative energy on other income generating activities
-Be able to step away from the chair without feeling resentful 
-A client onboarding system that allows you to be hands free

I'm ready for these results!

Hey there! I’m Ebony, the woman behind the Client Concierge System...

I decided to create this offer because I’ve noticed lots of successful beauty professionals excelling in business, but are unable to streamline and delegate beyond the expertise of an assistant.

I created this offer to share my knowledge and give away the systems, strategies and tools that have helped my reach, maintain, and exceed my business, personal, and financial goals all by following this simple method for over 5+ years.

A note from the creator

and now I want to help you do the same

the client concierge system

Organization throughout your business using high touch technical systems that create customized guest experience.  The Client Concierge System gives your guests a brag worthy experience that continues beyond the chair!


Here's How It All Breaks Down

Service Menu and Website optimization

  • Service Menu & Booking Site Optimization
  • Financial Success System
  • Niche Marketing Success System


elite vip services:

Course creation

  • Course Creation: Content, Graphics, Recordings and uploaded to your platform of choice 

The Client journey System

  • Beauty Branded SquareSpace or ShowIT Website design using my custom templates 

  • Site Optimization for brand awareness and discovery

  • Seamless Guest Experience Automation

  • Educational PDF for potential guest

$4000 +

$4500 +

$6500 +

Elelvate Me Please!

This is all done through my signature process which is The ACED Method: Assess, Clarify, Explore and Design. The reason my offer is so unique is because I have an education in technical systems and 26 years of industry experience as a cosmetologist that have both helped me to implement and create systems that work specifically for the industry.

a little gratitude...

here's what Dominic said about her experience with the system

ready to get results like these?

Can you imagine...

A heightened current and future guest experience while creating systems that provide organization. This gives beauty professionals the ability to focus on creatively advancing while not behind the chair. 

Here’s the problem...

You're losing control of your quickly growing business and aren't able to keep up with the demand you've worked so hard to create.
You've been neglecting the client experience because of your other tasks

Unable to cater to their growing clientele

Having to be too hands on with the client onboarding, acquisition, and follow up process

and you're constantly second guessing yourself...

Not completely satisfied with the experience their guests are having.

Brand presence doesn’t align with the vision they have for their business.

Not being able to maintain the success that they’ve built.

Tired of not having systems in your business.

take a look at this case study

here's what Leticia said about her experience with the system


Are you consistently hit you revenue but you don't have a life beyond the chair?

You've been in business over 3 years and your profession is starting to feel like creativity instead of work.

To focus on other creative ventures that can help them add additional streams of income while not behind the chair

Create a higher ticket service menu to comfortably to work less and earn more.

you're BEYOND ready for the client concierge system if you're ready for...

got questions?

How long will I have access?

You will have lifetime access when your once paid in full!

Will I be able to implement the steps right away?

Yes! You can start right away!

Do I need to purchase anything extra for this to work?

No! This program has supporting tools for you!

What kind of course is this?

This is a self-paced course 

Is this only for hairstylists?

No! This system & tools can be used by anyone in the beauty industry

Will I be able to ask questions if I need help with anything?

There is a private community to converse and ask questions anytime!

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