ebony nelson

Diction and Profit: How They Relate in Your Salon Business

One of the most important factors in your marketing is the language you use. Makes sense right? The better a product or service sounds, the more people are going to want to spend their money on it. As simple as that seems, a lot of stylists aren’t conscious of how their service descriptions sound. 

WHat are you saying to your clients

You should be intentional in every decision you make for your business. Never do anything ‘just because’ or without a plan for how it adds to your brand. This is especially true for your language because most likely your clients read you before they meet you. Appearing uneducated or using any less than professional language turns a prospective client into a missed opportunity. 

What does the proper language look like?

As with everything in the hair industry, it varies. The language you use should be catered toward the clients you want to attract, whilst appealing to the clientele you already have. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic change to where it feels unnatural from how you normally speak but there should be an added eloquence to your descriptions and interactions. 

Ways to make sure your word choice is right:

-use of positive adjectives & power words (I.e. ‘relaxing wash service’ instead of just ‘wash service”)

-use of proper grammar (even if you think your clients will like slang, proper grammar is always safe.) 

-proofread/ create a script. Read to yourself out loud. How do you sound? 

The goal is to come across professional but not overly formal (unless appropriate). Embellishing your descriptions with adjectives and diction specific to your demographic are good to start.

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