ebony nelson

Confidence – Yours & Your Client’s

We all love the confidence and satisfaction on our clients’ faces after we service them, I know I do! The more confident our clients feel, the more likely they are to tip, return & refer us. This makes confidence the ‘big picture’ in any hair care experience. 

As with all important factors of the business, it’s mandatory to understand what components contribute to how good your client feels after their time in your chair. Those components include your technique, which, of course, has to produce a style that meets or exceeds your clients’ expectations. But along with technique, polished stylists also need confidence of their own in order to provoke it in their clients.

As stylists, people need to trust that we’re skilled enough to make their dream appearance reality. If you know you can execute a style, don’t be afraid to share that! You have to take and display pride in your work to prove you’re confident in your style skillset.

How do I display confidence in the salon?

While sharing photos and catchy captions about your styles will make a potential client confident enough to book, you have to keep up that energy once they’re in the chair. Continuing to exude confidence during the service reassures the client that every step in the process is going to produce their desired goal. You can do this by:

  • Sharing your knowledge on relevant hair topics
  • Explaining how each step contributes to their envisioned style
  • Suggesting solutions to any setbacks in the styling process
  • Speaking affirmations to yourself and client

Being transparent during the service allows the client to realign their expectations if need be, increasing the likelihood of them being satisfied and confident in their style. 

If you aren’t confident in your work or have any reservations about your salon at all, that’s okay! Like all good things, building a business you and your clients are proud of will take time. Trust the process. We trust ours at Hair Theory so much, we want to share it with you! Sign up for our module course or engage in a consulting experience with Ebony that’s sure to help you radiate the confidence that’ll reflect in your clients.